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Anthem Essay “We made it. We created it. We brought it forth from the night” (59). I believe about it because us humans create objects, and let it into the light by inventing it. So, I think in a way, all inventions are in the dark until we create them and bring them into the light. The book Anthem talks about how their minds create things, things that came from the light in their minds. “I do not surrender my treasure, nor do I share them” (95). We all have something that we call a treasure. Anthem’s treasure is th Continue...

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e spirit, which all of us say different about and feels different about. But, most of all what I get is that under someway somehow, we are all under some kind of slavery. "What is my freedom if all the creatures even the boched and the impotent, are my masters (97) Anthem talks about how life is from taking orders from people while being like slaves. Objects such as school, water, food, and taxes. I guess my treasure is a little bit of this and that. So maybe we are our own slaves to ourselves. Food and water are the two that I believe, is the worst type of "slavery in this case. I do not know what causes it, all I know is that it is there, and shall always be too. While others, are just the opposite; they eat as much as they want, but still don't like the way they are. I feel this way because of all the objects we cling to. The other one is that I wish that I could just "erase from my treasure. One is how I feel about certain things that I would rather die than expose. So, I guess it all goes hand-in-hand with the way we all think about ourselves. Some people stave themselves because of the way they think about themselves.


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