Color of Water

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The Color of Water by James McBride was a good choice for a campus reading for incoming freshmen. This book was really a great book, it dealt with diversity, religion, racism, acceptance, self-sacrifice, and hardships, the majority of these are issues for freshman. One way it dealt with diversity is how Ruth’s parents owned a store on the black side of town. Ruth was young when she first experienced this and confused about why her dad did not accept black people. James’s family experienced racism all through their lives. One time James’s brother, David, was arrested by a white officer just because he was a black kid with a lot of money. In order to survive they lived their lives struggling for acceptance. Ruth also had to sacrifice about everything she owned and lived for. Throughout all this James McBride was able to capture your attention and take your mind back to the time this book took place. The first reason deals with diversity; how there are so many people in the book, which all come from different backgrounds, races, and religions. The book ties into our college experience how everyone we meet is somewhat different in terms of their living style. It deals with their backgrounds like where they grew up, a Continue...

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    The Color of Water
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    The Color of Water
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Ruth went to a school where there were no Jews and she went through so much such as, name calling and teasing. When James's mother Ruth was growing up she began to date an African American guy, but to do this she had to hide it from everyone since it wasn't accepted in her culture. Even though I have never had to deal with problems as intense as she did, I will always think about this book and the way James McBride described these situations and reflect back to them in the future. Acceptance is a part of nature; to be accepted and to learn from situations will better oneself. I would never judge someone by their color and hopefully through James McBride's book, people will learn not to judge people by their color as well. I was lucky enough to have a friend that I went to high school with so at least when I first came here I had someone to hang out with, talk to, and someone to help me out in tough situations. I have had to sacrifice leaving my family and friends, jobs, and my normal lifestyle. However, now that I am adventuring out into the world of college I am finding new people and new friends and hopefully I will continue on with this process. Race is also a big factor; so many people can't see past the color of a person and that is terrible. Therefore, by marrying him she gave up her family, her home, childhood, everything she ever knew. It was very hard for Ruth and her twelve children to be accepted, just because they were different. Religion was a big factor in this book; it didn't matter if you are a Jew, Catholic, Baptist, or any other religion. Even in the stores, African American people would get ripped off, in everything, just like the one time that James tried to get some milk. In conclusion The Color of Water written by James McBride was a great book to inspire new incoming freshmen on how to deal with real world problems.


The Color of Water
The Color of Water. Writer-musician 30s. His 1996 memoir, The Color Of Water, centers on McBride's search and its resolution. Central (1474 6 )

The Color of Water
The Color of Water. James McBride up. When he asked her what color God is, she replied, "God is the color of water" (McBride 39). The (944 4 )

James McBride's book, The Color of Water
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Writer-Musician James McBride's Identity Crisis
His 1996 memoir, The Color Of Water, centers on McBride's search and its resolution. The Color of Water. New York: Riverhead Books, 1996. (1474 6 )

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asked my mother why Jews and Muslims and other people had different religions or gods if our god was the God, she responded: ôGod is the color of water darling (2173 9 )

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bow ties and the women were in sandals picking up herring snacks on toothpicks off a big plate and they were all holding drinks the color of water with olives (898 4 )