My Role in My Family

             Every man and woman, boy and girl, possess a certain role in their family. Their roles go so much deeper than that of mother, father, sister, or brother. Yet, their roles are more analogous to a teacher, student, idol, or friend. One?s role in his or her family determined by not what he or she is, but who he or she is.
             When it comes to my family, I am more than just a relative I am an example and a guide. For instance, my little brother is a three-year old and he idolizes and mimics everything that I do. He looks up to me and notices and believes that everything that I do and say is right and everything else is wrong. For example, one day I was playing music in my room and he came in and watched me. Then, no more than two hours later, I heard music coming from my room and I went up there to see who it was. Much to my surprise, there was my brother singing and dancing to the same song that I was playing earlier. He even watches the same shows that I watch on television. To cite an instance, if I am not at work, I like to watch WWF wrestling every Monday and Thursday. But, on many occasions, I come home about an hour into the program only to find my brother sitting in my room and watching wrestling with the same enthusiasm and excitement that I have when I watch it. When my brother watches me act, he reacts. He sees me and picks up every, single one of my traits whether they are good or bad. In many ways, I am his leader and he is my follower. It is my responsibility to teach him right from wrong if I want him to grow up and make the right decisions.
             Similarly, while I am a teacher to my brother, I am a student of my parents. Even at the age of eighteen, I still learn many things from them. Just when I think that I know everything that there is to know, they continue to amaze me with their knowledge. I have not gained so much from my father, but I have learned many things from my mother about life.

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