Escape literature Vs. Interprative literature

             There are two kinds of literature in this world. One attempts to reveal certain truths about aspects of human life and succeeds in doings so, which is called ?Escape literature?. The other attempts to do a little more that entertain the reader, and, in achieving this end, it falsifies human life, which is called ?interpretive literature?. Now ?The Most Dangerous Game? written by Richard Conell is your basic escape literature in which reader doesn?t need to think that much just follows along the story and sees what happens.
             ?The Most Dangerous Game? is classified as an escape literature because the way it is written and the way its setup for the audience and especially how it ends. For example there are only two characters that the reader can easily classify as whose good and who?s evil just like in a fairy tales. The way the author describes how the good guy gets to the shore without a scratch on his body or the fact how those noises that lured him to the island, where they were coming from, is portrayed so its irrelevant to the reader and the reader doesn?t pay much attention to it. Another reason its an escape literature is that its not that hard to read and it doesn?t take that much focus to read it. Meaning that the reader doesn?t have to think about the story too much it comes to the reader easily. The last reason it is an escape literature is because how the reader is left with a playful ending and has the opportunity to decide if Rainsford becomes the hunters of if he just leaves. No such ending is left in interpretative literature.
             ?The Child By Tiger? written by Thomas Wolfe is primarily interpretative literature not escape literature because the way the author presents the story, the way it ends, the way it educates us, and how it helps us understand man?s evil nature.
             The author has the protagonist flashing back on the events that occurred twenty-five years ago. Even though he had a long time to reflect on that he s

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