A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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"A Very old Man with Enormous Wings” is a good example of Magical Realism. This story has all the characteristics of Magical Realism, such as having one fantastic element while being reality based, having a deeper meaning, and having no need to justify or explain events or human actions. Gabriel Garcia Marquez does a perfect job of transforming the common and everyday into something very special and magical. I believe that “A very old man with enormous wings” is the angel, who represents the mysterious and unfamiliar elements in life. The angel is not just something supernatural, but also something foreign- someone who stands out in the crowd as being different from the rest of the society. Here, Marquez shows us the society’s the fascination with things that are different and unique. When confronted with the unknown, the society shows rudeness and prejudice. Usually, the people are afraid of what they do not understand. Disgust Continue...

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Just as would we all if equally affected by isolation and ignorance in our own lives. Instead, they community abuse and humiliate the angel along with Pelayo and Elisenda, who turn their house into the circus, and profit from the angel at his expense "With the money they saved they built a two-story mansion with balconies and gardens(573). ed by angel's outer appearance, they showed him no compassion. They mistreat the old man because he does not meet the public's stereotypes for how a "normal person should look and behave. Instead of being grateful and considered they resent and exploit their savior. Gonzaga states that the angel "has nothing about him measured up to the proud dignity of angels (571) and cannot speak Latin, the language of God and therefore, was called an imposter and concluded that he must be the devil himself. Eventually, when the novelty wears off, the people loose the interest in angel, seeking for the new thrills and immediate gratification. Let us consider the possibility that this incredible mysterious being is the catalyst for the family's recovery from the destitution. Even the church, in the face of Father Gonzaga, does not treat him with respect as a messenger from God. Something great and beautiful walked in their lives, but the primitive and narrow-minded society could not possibly accept the unfamiliar. Once the angel is captured-their child recovers; the family uses him for financial gain and recovers from poverty and need. It is in human nature to label everything tangible and if it is beyond people's comprehension, then people just simply dismiss it. Unfortunately, they dismissed the real miracle. Before the arrival of the angel Pelayo and Elisenda were just simple, poor family with a dying child.


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