The Effects of Sports on Young Children

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In today’s society it has become more and more typical for young children ranging from ages four to seventeen to sit around all day watching television. This inactive lifestyle is contributing to the onset of obesity at an increasingly early age. Being so overweight causes low self-esteem, and depression in children. Playing sports helps kids to become more active and helps build long lasting friendships while also promoting discipline. While a child is growing up, he or she is likely to find a role model outside of the household sett Continue...

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ing, be it a sports figure, movie star, or religious leader. Sports play a vital role in the development of children these days so having your child enrolled in a sport will help to improve the over all well being of your child. Children learn through practicing and games that cooperation is necessary. When a child gets involved in a sport, he or she learns what it means to be in shape, and also what benefits being healthy can give to a person. Athlete role models have a good influence by exhibiting a healthy lifestyle, and promoting physical wellness. Children develop strong bonds with a team, and learn how to perform so the whole team plays well. A child athlete is more likely to be sociable, and more cooperative with his or her parents. Another benefit of sports is teamwork. Children learn from these sports stars that sports can be fun, and an easy way to stay in shape. Many times the role model is someone that is affiliated with a sport, especially now with women participating in more sports then ever before. The feeling of being part of a team is especially important while children are in school. Feelings of belonging not only lead to success on the field, but also in the home and classroom. The child begins to notice that it feels a lot better to be in shape than it does to watch cartoons, or play on the computer all day. Being in sports does seem to provide a healthy lifestyle for children while also giving the children a chance to make life long friends.


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