Motives for Work

             In this essay I shall be investigating what motivates people to work. I intend to examine factor of motivation and link them with theories e.g. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I also shall try to discover how these theories are implemented in the real world.
             Before investigating what motivates people to work you have to answer why do people work in the first place? The first answer you will usually get will be ‘money’; it is obvious that in order to live you have to find a job that pays and adequate wage. Often you will ask someone ‘What do you do for a living’. The answer you will get is not just to do with living but as a wider meaning in that people have a wider range of needs.
             In order for people to go into work and work at an optimum rate they have to be encouraged or motivated to work. As mentioned above it is more than money that motivated people to work. Motivation is what makes people behave in a particular way. Companies might want an employee to work in a certain way in order to achieve the company’s objective. The most efficient way of doing this is to make sure that the way they want employees to work benefits both the company and the individual worker. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a good example of how work can have different needs in order to increase productivity.
             Level 1- Physiological needs- the basic essential of life such as food and drink, warmth and sleep.
             Level 2- Security needs- the sense of being in a secure environment.
             Level 3-Affiliation needs- the desire for receiving and giving friendship and love, a sense of belonging
             Level 4-Esteem needs-feeling self-respect and experiencing the respect of others.
             Level5- Self-actualisation needs- the drive towards creative self- fulfilment.
             Physiological needs are a person’s first source of motivation. After that the person climbs each level until a feeling of total fulfilment is reached. When people initially seek employment, they are lik...

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