Binge Eating

             Many people overeat from time to time and this can be known as binge eating. Signs of binge eating are feeling that your eating is out of control, they eat quickly and in larger portions than a normal person would. They may feel disgusted depressed or guilty after overeating. As many as 4 million Americans are involved in this kind of eating behavior. It is more common in women than men but it affects people in all ethnic groups. No one knows for sure what causes binge eating disorder and it has not been determined if it is linked to depression. Many binge eaters say that being mad, sad, bored or worried causes them to want to eat more. It is also unclear if binge eating and dieting is related in any way. People with this disorder may get sick because it can cause you to have a deficiency in minerals. Obese people who participate in binge eating are at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Most try to control this disorder on their own but are not successful but are compelled to eat regardless. People who binge eat, obese or not, feel ashamed and try to keep it a secret from friends and family members.
             I sometimes find myself eating a lot of food at a time but I would not say that I do it on a regular basis so it couldn’t really be considered binge eating. I agree that these eating habits would affect a lot of people. I would guess it has to do with mood changes. Girls I know eat more when they are sad or bored. Since it can be linked to many health problems, I guess it is a more serious condition than I originally thought.

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