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In the Inferno, by Dante Alighieri he discusses the different stages of hell, he starts off with the least harmful sinners, which are the opportunities and end with the worst sinners of all the fraudulent. Somewhere in between the least harmful sinners and the worst sinners of all is where Francesca da Rimini and Count Ugolino were found. Dante acts very differently to each of these people when he sees them. Dante acts differently to each person because he sympathizes with Francesca so he treats her with somewhat respect, but when he see Ugolino he does not feel any sympathy for him because of what he did when he was on earth. Dante meets Francesca in Canto 5, which contains the Carnal, their punishment is to never feel hope. This is one of the most touching cantos in the book; it tells a story of how Francesca fell in love with another man and was killed because of it. I believe that Dante did not believe that the lustful sinners were that bad, because people do not have control over whom they fall in love with. However, it is obvious that Dante did feel that Continue...

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Ruggieri was once Ugolino alley but then turned against him and killed him and his children by starvation. This shows that he feels sorry for her and he does not totally blame her for what she did. There are many differences between the cantos when Dante see Francesca and Ugolino. The Carnal did not really have any physical pain for any of their sins, however the people who betrayed their country were put in physical pain. the lustful sinners did belong in hell, because even though you cannot help whom you fall in love with you can control the way you act toward that specific person. When he heard Francesca's story he felt remorse and pity for her. When Dante saw Francesca there you knew that he truly felt sympathy for her when he said " What you suffer here melts me to tears of pity and of pain (5. "Their sin was to abandon themselves to the tempest of their passion(57). When Dante says this to Ugolino he is basically saying I do not feel sorry for you at all, it was because of you that your sons had to starve to death. After Ugolino told his story Dante's reply was, "For you Ugolino falls censure for having betrayed your castles, you for your part should not have put your sons to such torture (33. Even though the two cantos were extremely different they did possess some similarities. The punishment here is to spend eternity in ice up to their necks, depending on how bad their sins were was much higher the ice came, and their tears froze their eye lids shut. Another difference in the cantos was how Dante responded to each of the stories.


Inferno. Inferno Introduction In the wake of St. In this work, Dante is guided through the nine levels of Hell or Inferno by the Roman poet Virgil. (1277 5 )

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Dante's Inferno. Inferno Introduction In the wake of St. In this work, Dante is guided through the nine levels of Hell or Inferno by the Roman poet Virgil. (1277 5 )

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