Persuasive Speech-Cell phone distracts drivers

             How many people here have cell phone? And how many of you have used your cell phone when you are driving? It is very dangers; let me tell you about this. Almost three years ago, a little girl who was just about two years old Morgan Lee died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash the previous day. The car was broadside by driver who failed to stop for a stop sign while using his cell phone. According to a new survey by Farmers Insurance Group, 87 percent of adults believe that using a cell phone while driving impairs a person's ability to drive.
             The topic of using cell phone while driving has been debated for the long time, because there are two factions of people have different opinions on it; one supports using cell phone while driving and one doesn¡¦t. The government hasn¡¦t legislated to prohibit it, but I still believe there will be more and more accidents of using cell phone while driving.
             Can you imagine one of your family members is living fear of death because the driver is using cell phone? I think no one wants this thing to happen on the family, right?
             So, we must act to stop that don¡¦t use cell phone while driving.
             In next few minutes, I will talk about three things First, why drivers use cell phone while driving. Second, what it causes. Third, how we can find out the possible solutions!
             Why drivers use cell phone while driving.
             Driving is a really bothering and boring thing, especially driving long distance and you don¡¦t have any passengers with you. I think, drivers will really want to talk with someone, so they may use their cell phone to talk and kill the time.
             When you get lost in big city or somewhere you haven¡¦t been. You may want to use your cell phone to get right direction.
             If you are businessmen, you don¡¦t want to miss any calls from your customers. So, you may use your cell phone to talk with your customers while driving. Or if you are wai

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