Women and Power

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Women and Power In today’s society women do not have a very prominent role as there male counterparts. It seems as if men are looked upon as born leaders who should hold power. They look strong and confident. People feel safe that males will lead them in a strong, protective way. Women are looked at very differently. People see them as weak in heart and afraid of doing things in a forceful manner. This has not been true though if we look back to the eras of Wu Zhao and Empress Irene. What does it mean when some one rules in a successful or effective manner? When a ruler runs his or her empire successfully it means that throughout his or her rein as king or queen everything ran smoothly. This means that no one would try to over throw him or her and that the people were happy. Effective is very different than successful. If a ruler is effective he or she understands what the people want. An effective ruler gives his or her people what they want and understands the Continue...

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Her people were happy that she was running the empire and they accepted her as a leader. We have still never had a women president. When her family would come into the way she would quickly put them down and do what she had to do to keep her power. I believe she is running her show and no one will tell her otherwise. She did this in a very effective way. Many people liked her in her empire and because of this she was made a saint when she died. She would have people killed and tortured just to keep herself where she was. She did not always hold the power to rule but she was always successful when getting it back. She to me seems that she is doing her fair share to keep her power and do what she needs to do. Women do have a harder time with keeping power. I see the empresses Irene and Wu Zhao in Hilary Clinton.


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