Militarty Academy Essay

             There have been multiple influences in my life that led to my interest in the armed services. Ranging from the Gulf War to the recent war on terrorism, I believe that there is no more honorable profession than protecting the vales of the American Culture. Moreover, my interest in the Navy has grown because of my experiences in the “US Naval Sea Cadets.” The organization has inspired me to become a leader in the Naval Service because of all the leadership opportunities that I have encountered. Furthermore, I have also become accustomed to, and gained an appreciation for maritime operations because of my experiences in working with sailors during my summer trainings. I have had nothing but positive experiences with these sailors, and these are the people that I want to lead in the future.
             Ultimately, I feel that it is my duty to pay back the country that has done so much for me. I feel lucky to have been born in such a wonderful land. It is for this reason that my entire childhood has been an experience that has contributed to my character development and integrity. My parents, both being of foreign birth, have struggled to provide the best our family. Upon witnessing such hard work and dedication to a goal of achieving a harmonic lifestyle, I have encompassed the values of diligence, and most importantly, honest work. Because of my parent’s demeanor, I feel that there is nothing more important, as well as nothing more rewarding than achieving an objective by honest measures. I feel that the Naval Academy will continue to teach me both the principles of hard work as well as honesty.
             I consider it to be an honor to serve in the United States Navy, and even more so being a leader in it. This is the best way for me to serve the nation that has provided my family and I with so much. I am certain that I already have a solid foundation in my character development and integrity to be successful in the Naval Academy. There is no be...

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