Why Had International Peace collapsed by 1939?

             International peace collapsed by 1939 due to the tension between a number of countries when the tension rose dramatically in the 1930’s. This tension was caused by Hitler rearming Germany and openly defying the Treaty of Versailles. Dictatorships in other countries became more powerful and the democracies were either unwilling or unable to stop them. World War Two broke out when finally, in 1939 International peace efforts broke down. The main reasons for this were Hitler’s actions and his main three plans to abolish the Treaty of Versailles, expand German territory and defeat Communism. The policy of Appeasement where from the naval agreement in 1935 Britain and France gave Hitler what he wanted. The problems caused by the Treaty of Versailles and the way Hitler went against it.
             Hitler’s plans caused lots of tension around the world in the 1930’s. His three main plans were to abolish the Treaty of Versailles, expand German territory and defeat Communism. Hitler believed that the Treaty of Versailles was unjust and that it was a constant reminder of the loss of First World War and that if he came into power he would reverse it. However when Hitler did come to power some of the terms had already changed. Like reparations payments that had stopped completely. The Treaty of Versailles had taken away territory from Germany. Hitler wanted to get all the territory back, firstly by joining Austria then wanting other Germany minorities like Czechoslovakia to rejoin Germany. This wasn’t enough for Hitler; he also wanted to carve out an empire in Eastern Europe to give extra room for Germans. A German empire carved out of Russia would also help Hitler in one of his other plans, to defeat Communism. Hitler was very anti-Communist, his main reasons being that they had helped bring about the defeat of Germany in the First World War and that he thought that they had wanted to take over Germany.
             Hitler’s actions were as following:

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