I'm Sorry Mama

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“I’m Sorry Mama.” According to the book, “Pastimes The Context of Contemporary Leisure”, listening to music is something that most people in Western society do everyday. Therefore, since popular culture can be defined as, the most typical pastimes of a particular group, listening to music can be viewed as popular culture. Since the invention of the radio, listening to music has long been considered as popular culture in our society. On any given afternoon in America you can ride down the street and see teens, young adults, and even older adults driving down the street with their radios blaring. One reason for this is the constant change in people’s likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, today’s society likes controversy, and there are few musicians more controversial than Eminem. Eminem has quickly become one of pop cultures most scrutinized, criticized, commercialized, controversial, misunderstood, and influential artists. Chris Rock was almost right when he said, “something sure has changed in America when the best golfer is black and the best rapper is white.” Let’s face it, before this white rapper burst onto the US charts in 1999, seeing nearly one in five kids in school wearing orange t-shirts Continue...

However, in his first cd, Eminem sent positive messages to his listeners such as, "No matter wherever you are, you're never too far...you can rule the world, you can do anything, it's on you baby, cause you can be a star. Eminem has not only produced a parent's worst nightmare in many of his songs, but in many of his listeners. So the question left is, are these messages that he sends accurate or inaccurate Eminem is an actor, his movie, his life, his music; it's all an act. However, there is one thing we do know about pop culture, and that is that it comes and goes in fads. Keeping all of this in mind, Eminem will strike yet again on November 8, 2002, when his highly acclaimed movie, "8-Mile, hits theatres. I think Eminem's opinion is best summed up in verse to of his song, "Sing for the Moment. Whether his life at home as a child was as rough as it seems, is still up in the air. His music conveys to listeners that he, "Just Don't Give a Fuck, a notion that apparently is true. Never the less, as I said earlier his autobiographical movie is slated to come out as soon as this November, which leaves one to wonder how true the sentiments he relates to his listeners actually are. Undoubtedly this change in our youth is due to the commercialization of the music industry today. As quoted in his song, "Without me, he states, "Though I'm not the first king of controversy, I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley, to do black music so selfishly and use it to get myself wealthy hey there's a concept that works 20 million other white rappers emerge. Not always when I am joking and when I'm not-but for the most part they should know what's entertainment and what's not. Eminem's words are obscene, offensive, angry, unjust, and often times revolting. Eminem answers this very question in "Vibe, when he says, "Like, Im always gonna be real with myself, and people should know the difference.