Employee Rights and Responsibilities

             Treating employees with respect and fairness is essential for two reasons. First, it establishes a company's reputation for fairness and impartiality which is carefully scrutinized by individuals both within and outside the organization, and is a vital factor in keeping and attracting desirable employees. The second, but equally important reason is that identifying and safeguarding employee rights reduces the possibility that the company becomes entangled in charges of discrimination, lengthy litigation, and costly settlements. Employee rights fall into categories, one of which is the right to fair treatment by the employer. In this paper, I will defend Werhane and Radin’s argument advocating the removal of EAW.
             In the article “Employment at Will, Employee Rights, and Future Directions for Employment” by Tara J. Radin & Patricia H. Werhane, they address the “employment at will” (EAW). This provides for minimal regulation of employment practices. It allows either the employer or the employee to terminate their employment relationship at any time for virtually any reason or for no reason at all (Werhane, Radin 343). They start off by laying out the arguments and critiques against EAW and why it is a downfall in the work environment for both the employer and employee.
             The first sets of arguments are grounded on a theory of moral rights. They claim this argument claims three points. First, principles governing employment practices that interfere with commonly guaranteed political rights, such as free speech, privacy, due process, and democratic participation, would therefore appear to be questionable principles and practices from a rights perspective. Moreover, if employers and mangers have certain rights, say to respect free speech, and choice, employees also should have equal claims to those rights. Third, if property rights are constitutionally guaranteed, it would appear to follow that employees should have som...

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