Compare and Contrast one character from two Shakespeare Play

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Compare and contrast one character from each play that has gone through a transformation. In Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” and “ A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” the transformation of Katherine revealed her good qualities while the transformation of Nick Bottom revealed non-redeeming qualities. The Oxford American Dictionary defines the concept “transform” as a change in appearance or character. Katherine experiences a change in character, while Nick Bottom experiences a change in appearance. This change the Bottom experienced, compliments the character he displays in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Katherine’s transformation takes her from a reputed shrew to a role model and authoritative voice by the end of “ Mid Summer Night’ Dream”. At the beginning of the play she is revered by the men of Padua. Gremio probably spoke for most of the men in Padua when he questions what he would do with Katherine. “To cart her rather; she is too rough for me” (Act 1.1 line 55). Carting the Shrew was common custom then. A disobedient wife would be placed in a cart and immersed into a pond or a river to teach her manners. By so doing, she would also suffer great humiliation when the community came to wa Continue...

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We see Bottom as one who loves to be seen and heard from very early in the play. Katherine rude behavior was intolerable. All the husbands made a bet about whose wife would be most obedient and come when their husband called them. Petruccio's was expected to be the "bull. She also insulted to her sister because of jealousy. On the other hand we see a different kind of transformation taking place in "A Midsummer Night's Dream. But even this may not stop a Shrew from being rebellious to her husband. There is also a message there from Shakespeare. It was this overconfidence that caused him to be blinded to the fact that he was wearing the head of an ass. In this speech he professes just how good of an actor he is, even though he is unable to prove this to us in the play. We should not be so blinded that we are unable to redeem ourselves even when opportunities arise. After the wedding of Katherine and Petruccio, the two return to Petruccio's home. Petruccio treats his servants very disrespectful, as if they were slaves, dogs and disgusting. When we first met Nick Bottom in the play, we learn of his role in the play within the play.


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