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             The internet has created a world without borders consumers can purchase goods from around the world by going online and comparison shop for whatever he or she wishes, it could be a car, clothes, or a boat, and make a purchase. Once a purchase is made the items you received through the mail are tangible. Meaning you can interact with your products for example; you can wear your clothes, drive your car, and sail in your boat. What about services goods? The intangible things you love as well. Can you buy a service online? The answer is yes. You can now go online do your banking, see a concert, see an art exhibit, watch a movie, and the list goes on. What I found interesting is online education. You can go to grade school, High school, get your GED, undergraduate degree, master’s degree, even your PhD. In my paper I want to talk about how E-commerce has changed the future of services through education. I know that getting education online sounds like a good idea but, there two sides to this service. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of education online.
             First, let me tell you how the whole idea of online education got started. “It’s not fair that I have to sit and wait for other kids.” ( This is a statement that was given by a gifted student who was bored with the work in his classes. After reading an article on I learned that parents were in search for a better alternative for their children’s education. Many of these types of students lose their potential and become problem kids because there bored with class. Many parents take time to father educate there children with the internet away and feel that they should be to keep them at home. This would also applies for students who are not as advanced. “Darren Smith has problems paying attention in a regular classroom.” ( An online education can give a student like Darren Smith the extra attention th...

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