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Aida Created and presented by Disney Theatrical Productions, Aida is a true love story. Based on the narrative that was the inspiration of an opera by Verdi, Aida tells the story of three star-crossed lovers—two African princesses, one Nubian and the other Egyptian, and the man they fall in love with an Egyptian military captain. On the other hand this musical also narrates the heroic tale of an enslaved princess who saves the lives of her family and her people. Being torn between their desires for personal affection and doing what's right for their nation, Aida, Radames, and Amneris go through a journey of duty, honor, and ever-lasting love. The story begins as Aida, the princess of Nubia, is captured and enslaved by the Egyptian army led by Captain Radames. Aida is then given to the Egyptian Princess Amneris, Radames’ fiancée, as a gift. With the arranged marriage of Radames and Amneris soon approaching, Radames’ father devises a plan to kill the Pharaoh so that his son is elevated in power through a marriage to the princess. Unknown to Radames, Aida is really a Nubian princess, and becomes attracted to her fiery spirit. Despite his impending wedding to Amneris, he soon falls in love with Aida. But, his secret Continue...

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Narrating the love story of three natives, a Nubian Princess, an Egyptian Princess, and an Egyptian captain, this story is not just about their love affairs but is more importantly a story that tells of their own personal trials and tribulations as people. Aida was a musical that was an all around impressive feat. The stage show alone created for the audience a visual imagery that keeps them on their toes from the opening number. Brightly colored backdrops, elaborate stage sets, and choreographed lighting all describe the visual effects of the piece. Parallel to the set design, the costuming was a beautifully created work of art. Overall, I felt the production was great. Amneris was played by Lisa Brescia was simply outstanding. The show created by Disney, was intended for a more adult audience. But thanks primarily to the great portrayal by the actress; Amneris was one of the most entertaining characters. The production which was entertaining from beginning to end was not only beautifully mastered in its storyline and character portrayals, it was also ingeniously skillful in its design. love proves to be only the beginning of his problems. It also did not have the traditional happy ending that is associated with Disney movies or productions. On one hand Radames"tm father, Zoser is slowly poisoning the Pharaoh so that Radames may take his place; while on the other Aida, who is falling in love with him, has a plan of her own to free all her people who were enslaved by the Egyptians. Blessed with a strong voice, she was perfectly cast for the role originated by Heather Headley on Broadway.


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