Everyday Life in Mesopotamia

             Mesopotamia is one of the oldest civilizations that ever existed. What we have now can be traced back to the ways of Mesopotamian culture and society in one way or another. Since they were one of the starters of the new agricultural life, many future civilizations based their own ways of living off of the ways Mesopotamia already used (Prof. Gaddis, Lecture). You can notice many similarities between our present day society and the Mesopotamian society. In fact, even the laws they had took notice upon many of the problems they had and we have today. These primary source texts tell us that the conditions of everyday life and the environment are greatly similar to our very own today.
             Technically Mesopotamia’s existence is long and the living conditions and society’s cultures change throughout time. Their existence ranges from 5500BC to 1200BC (Prof. Gaddis, Lecture, 9/4/02). During different periods of time, there existed different ways of living; different leaders promoted different conditions, so to talk about Mesopotamia as a whole with out splitting the time periods up, would be nearly impossible.
             During Gilgamesh’s era around 2700BC, we learn a great deal about the religion that existed at that time in Mesopotamia. Even though religion exists today and existed thousands of years ago, it was very much different. The Mesopotamians believed in many gods (polytheistic) and their gods were not as jealous as the single god that most of the people in the world have today (Neis). According to, The Epic of the Flood: The Babylonian Noah, the gods had extraordinary powers, but their emotions were similar to the humans. They get depressed and they weep (Bailkey, 15). They were so human like; they learned lessons, which is not something an all-mighty god needs to do. “Ye gods… I will remember these days – never to forget them (16).” Their human like characteristics made them believe that they were just one step ...

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