Paradise Lost

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Satan is the definition of defiant when one looks at any theological setting as well as more importantly, when one focuses on the heroic poem "Paradise Lost." Satan by being defiant as well as maintaining other protagonistic qualities can be considered a hero in "Paradise Lost." According to Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary hero is defined as "In mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the gods." When focusing on this definition it can be seen that calling Satan in "Paradise Lost" may be ironic. Yet, for the most part the definition fits Lucifer. In Milton's poem, Lucifer is portrayed as a hero due to the characteristics that are given to him. It can be seen that there is a certain irony in calling Satan a hero when using the aforementioned definition because Lucifer was definitely one that was not favored by G Continue...

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Another main focus was that Satan was powerful, ambitious and stood for his beliefs. Second Satan was established as powerful, strong and intelligent, three characteristics of a hero and finally using the belief that, "The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven," Satan exercised free will. However, this was just one of the focuses that Milton intended. The most important factor that makes Satan heroic has to be his free will. While it may be so that Milton did this to show that Satan was definable and thus not omnipotent like God, yet he also showed how much power Lucifer had over man by making him larger than man. Milton points out that Lucifer was larger than the "Leviathan" a creature that is hundreds of times larger than any human thus showing his dominance over man. "All is not lost-the unconquerable will, ... And courage never to submit or yield: And what is else not to be overcome" Not only does this quote from Milton continue to show Satan's courage, it also shows the intelligence that Satan had to know that he was not truly beaten. "Against the throne and monarchy of God, Raised impious war in Heaven and battle proud, With vain attempt. Throughout the poem it is shown that Satan is the dominating force of heaven because of his strength, intelligence and intelligence. Just the fact that Satan stood his ground would be reason enough to be a hero. Satan, however, was also portrayed as an intellectual individual and a powerful one as well. This is the one being that can even be compared to the three entities of God, which speaks volumes itself but to know that he exercises free will against what Milton almost deems as an oppressor is truly what makes Satan a hero in the poem. Satan also saw the big picture, however.


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