Women and Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Domestic violence has deep roots in our American cultures. According to Blackstones 1768 codification of English laws, a husband was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb (hence the saying rule of thumb). Women were trained on how to behave to avoid being beaten by their husbands. In one ancient recount an Emperor Constant ordered his wife to be scald to death for disobedience, this served as a reminder to women for the next fourteen centuries. Not until the 1894 did the Supreme Court of North Carolina abandon the ¡§finger switch rule¡¨ as it was called, and stated ¡§that the husband had no right to chastise his wife under any circumstances¡¨. Courts declared that the¡¨ rule of love superseded ¡§the rule of thumb¡¨. In 1994 President Bill Clinton signed into law the ¡§ Violence Against Women Act¡¨ (gotta love the irony in that ƒº). This act made it possible for all states to have grants to train judges, police officers, and prosecuting attorneys on how best to identify, combat and prevent domestic violence crimes. Police officers were granted the power to make warrentless arrest. Victim advocate programs were put into effect nation wide and because ca Continue...

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Most abused women stay in the relationship out of fear of being alone, losing money, losing a father for there children or just plain guilt for bringing about the abuse. So the cycle of violence theory has three phases, the tension building stage, the acute battering incident followed by the loving remorseful stage (honeymoon period). For example If a batter cross any state lines to do bodily harm to a spouse or intimate partner according to the Violence Against Women Act this act is called interstate violence and the violater may be sentenced to prison for up to ten years. The couple is basically okay; interactions are positive or close. Y One partner tries to control the other, for example, by telling the person not to See certain friends or family members, keeping the person away from school or work, making the person stay home when she wants to go out. Y One partner threatens to hurt the other, or friends, family members, or pets. In contrast, only 2 of women who are victimized are assaulted by another woman. abuse-recovery-and-marriage-counse www. Leonore Walker the developer of this theory explains it this way: We start the cycle in this relationship at the okay stage. Y One partner puts the other down, for example, by name-calling, constant Criticism, public or private humiliation or making the other partner feels crazy. Y One partner makes the other have sex in ways or at times that are uncomfortable. Nichole Brown Simpson is proof that domestic violence has no racial or social class biases. This act also posed tough penalties for domestic violence abusers.


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