Women and Domestic Violence

             Domestic violence has deep roots in our American cultures.
             According to Blackstones 1768 codification of English laws, a husband was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb (hence the saying rule of thumb). Women were trained on how to behave to avoid being beaten by their husbands. In one ancient recount an Emperor Constant ordered his wife to be scald to death for disobedience, this served as a reminder to women for the next fourteen centuries. Not until the 1894 did the Supreme Court of North Carolina abandon the ¡§finger switch rule¡¨ as it was called, and stated ¡§that the husband had no right to chastise his wife under any circumstances¡¨. Courts declared that the¡¨ rule of love superseded ¡§the rule of thumb¡¨. In 1994 President Bill Clinton signed into law the ¡§ Violence Against Women Act¡¨ (gotta love the irony in that ƒº). This act made it possible for all states to have grants to train judges, police officers, and prosecuting attorneys on how best to identify, combat and prevent domestic violence crimes. Police officers were granted the power to make warrentless arrest. Victim advocate programs were put into effect nation wide and because cause so many victims of domestic violence recant there story and refuse to file formal charges against there abusers, prosecutors now were given the option of signing there own complaints making these assaults a crime against the state. Ive even read in some instances that prosecutors went so far as to win cases even with out the victim¡¦s cooperation. This act also posed tough penalties for domestic violence abusers. For example If a batter cross any state lines to do bodily harm to a spouse or intimate partner according to the ¡§Violence Against Women Act¡¨ this act is called ¡§interstate violence¡¨ and the violater may be sentenced to prison for up to ten years.
             Domestic violence today is still commonly thought of as just a d...

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