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Most Memorable Moment A few years ago it was not hard for me to imagine a life where I could not rely on myself to get where I needed to go. Suppose it was imperative that an individual get to the bank to cash their paycheck, or trying to get to a friend’s house but with no one to drive you there. Recalling my younger years it was my belief that my sixteenth birthday would be one of the greatest days of my life. Waking up before the sun had risen was a rarity for my in that particular time, but I had no problems doing it on that glorious morning. I had been learning to drive for over six months and was ready to start a new part of my life where mobility was a much less complicated problem. But when one problem disappears another, often, will emerge. I had no car, but I did have a license, which was like salt in an open gash. After waiting very patiently for one more year, I finally received the ultimate gift. I had been given a 1966 Willies Jeep that my dad had bought from a family friend, and needless to say it was n Continue...

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I often suggested to my friends that they receive a tetanus shot before they hopped into the back seat, if it could be considered that anymore, due to the fact that the sharp springs were protruding from the upholstery. By most standards the Jeep would have been considered a rust box with wheels, but in retrospect I could have cared less. The Willies Jeep had made a lasting impression on my life from then on, and that is why the day my father handed me the keys made for a very memorable moment. With the down sides of my car ever so present to me there were also some good points as well. I also enjoyed taking off the ragtop and doors during those hot summer days giving the sensation of being more connected to the road and my surroundings, also a necessity since there was no ac. Looking back I can laugh about how I must have looked driving that jeep, but I also remember how much I loved it. Recalling the first time I tried to start up my jeep it was a little cold and humid which resulted in my dad pushing the one and a half ton rust box, and me in the driver seat so I could pop the clutch, but I took the good and the bad in stride. The interior had seen better days, and the seats probably would looked more in place if they were sitting at the bottom of a dumpster rather than in my car. As soon as I saw the jeep I immediately grabbed the keys from my fathers grasp and ran for the ignition. My new ride had four-wheel drive, which came in handy in sticky situations, and I liked the feeling of being a little bit higher than everyone else. Firing up the in-line six cylinder engine sounded like the roar of a savage beast to me, but probable sounded more like the put-put of an old jalopy to anyone other than myself. I owned my first automobile, and to me it didn't matter what the car looked like as long as it served it purpose as a mode of transportation. My very first daily driver had taught me appreciation of what I owned, a quality that is to often over looked in today's society.


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