Mother Dearest

             Sherwood Anderson wrote a short story called “Mother”. In “Mother” it tells the life of a family who’s life is a little bit short of ordinary. The mother Elizabeth Willard is the owner of the New Willard House in which she inherited from her father. She married Tom Willard and they had a son, George. Tom and her grew older so did there love for each other and they both wanted different things for their son. When the mother was only forty-five she got some disease, which caused her to be, sickly and stay inside. Since she was sick she spent all of her time in her room her son would visit her often. His father wanted him to become a writer for the local newspaper but he had different things in mind for his future. He was like his mother who wanted adventure. Once the mother heard that his father was telling their son that he should stop slacking off and being a “gawky girl” she was upset that he would insult there son that way. So she plots to kill Tom and herself with scissors. But before she goes to the office, her son comes in to talk with her. He tells her that he is going go leave town at first his mothers questions him, But she is really happy that he’s leaving.
             There are a lot of metaphors used through out the entire story. When she was ill she would sit by the window and she could see Main street, along the back of the stores that were on Main Street she could see the bakers back door which she used to watch. The druggist gray cat and the baker always seemed to have a quarrel, one time the baker got so upset that he threw sticks and broken glass towards the cat even though it wasn’t there anymore. She compared this fight to her own life everyday life. I think that she always was fighting with her husband and maybe her father.
             Her living at the Hotel her whole life made her want to leave town and get out of Winesburg, Ohio. She had wanted to join a theatrical company and

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