Cultural Factors that affect Business Communication

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CULTURAL FACTORS THAT AFFECT BUSINESS COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION Various countries interact in business-related activities on a daily basis. However, these countries have different cultures. These differences in culture prove to be obstacles in business communication. Factors such as language, gestures, holidays and dress codes play a major role in business communication. It is important to understand various cultures when participating in business-related activities. Knowledge of cultural factors eliminates the common mistakes and misunderstandings associated with business communication between cultures. Purpose The purpose of this report is to examine the cultural factors of various countries and how they affect business communication, and also to suggest ways to overcome the various communication barriers. Understanding cultural factors is vital when dealing with business communication. Differences between cultures must be respected in order to communicate clearly and effectively. Sources and Methods In preparing this report, the cultural factors of various countries were analyzed in order to 1 determine how they affect business c Continue...

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In the business world, communication is essential. The many ethnic groups and nationalities that exist in Brazil, all with their own languages, dialects, customs and values, make communication difficult. Also, Chinese people do not tend to ask questions. Culture and business communication are closely related, as culture is one of the foundations of basic communication. -Different Decision-Making Styles - Various cultures like to hold a consensus when 3 making a decision, and others may like to delegate the decision making responsibilities. Many managers prefer to control everything. When addressing an individual of a higher status, or when the rank of the individual is not known, the bow is low. -Different Attitudes Towards Disclosure - Many cultures prefer to keep emotions private when dealing with various conflicts, while others feel comfortable revealing information. Guidelines for multicultural collaboration include avoiding stereotypes, practicing communication, avoiding ethnocentrism, listening attentively, looking at situations differently, and having knowledge of history. Some prefer to learn through performing some type of research, or by other cognitive methods. However, these obstacles can easily be overcome by simply acquiring knowledge of various cultural factors. Germany Germany is one of the most important countries involved in international trade. Patterns of Cultural Communication Differences The ways in which the cultures of various countries differ from one another can be categorized into six patterns: differences in communication styles, attitudes towards conflict, completing tasks, decision-making styles, attitudes toward disclosure, and knowledge.


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