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Cultural Factors that affect Business Communication

CULTURAL FACTORS THAT AFFECT BUSINESS COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION Various countries interact in business-related activities on a daily basis. However, these countries have different cultures. These differences in culture prove to be obstacles in business communication. Factors such as language, gestures, holidays and dress codes play a major role in business communication. It is important to understand various cultures when participating in business-related activities. Knowledge of cultural factors eliminates the common mistakes and misunderstandings associated with business communication between cultures. Purpose The purpose of this report is to examine the cultural factors of various countries and how they affect business communication, and also to suggest ways to overcome the various communication barriers. Understanding cultural factors is vital when dealing with business communication. Differences between cultures must be respected in order to communicate clearly and effectively. Sources and Methods In preparing this report, the cultural factors of various countries were analyzed in order to 1 determine how they affect business communication. The information is gathered from a variety of business journals and magazines. Report Organization This report explores the challenges in cultural communication, examines the differences in cultures of various countries, and recommends steps to achieve multicultural collaboration. CULTURAL COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES Communication varies between cultures. Factors such as language and gestures may have different meanings in different cultures. These factors make it difficult to communicate clearly. In the business world, communication is essential. It is important to understand the various differences in communication when dealing with different ...

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