Leadership Vision

             1. Self-Image is an important aspect in any individual’s life. A good, healthy self-image is a key trait in the characteristic of a strong leader. In an ideal environment where I could mold myself into exactly what I aspire to become, my desired qualities are listed below:
             Dependable and reliable friend and co-worker
             2. Tangibles are what drive us to enter the workforce and face the always-changing economy. Whether classified as wants or needs, tangibles are the driving force that gets us out of bed in the morning to face another grueling day at the office. Over my lifetime and through my forthcoming career, I have specific goals in the realm of tangibles:
             My own building on the campus of Texas A&M University
             3. Home is a word that inspires a warm thought in most people’s minds when heard. I want my home to contain all the modern amenities of our technological age while still having that warm, southern feeling. Located on my own ranch of preferably 5,000 acres, my estate will contain it’s own ponds ideally suited for private duck hunting. My house will also contain my home office, which I will be based out of. Most importantly, my ideal living environment will be home to a happy, open and loving family.
             4. Relationships are the most important element in everyday life. From the time you awake until the time you go to sleep in preparation for another day’s work, you are in constant contact with family, friends and co-workers. I want to have open and honest relationships in every aspect of my life. I hope to be a dependable, loving, caring father and husband to my family. No matter what situation they are in, and no matter what they need they will know they can

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