Older Hispanic generation vs. The New

             It can easily be seen that there are differences between the older Latin American generations and the new. Differences can be seen through communication, discipline, and different traditions. With communication playing a huge role especially with the older generation which is very close and much more family oriented. Everything is done together as a family. “Latin American families reported the strongest sense of familial duty during young adulthood” (Fuligni, Andrew J.) However, the new generation seems to be drifting away from this togetherness. An example if the new generation drifting is when a job is found that requires them to move to locations that would be too far apart for the family to interact on a daily basis. Another factor that contributes to this separateness is language. The new generation speaks predominantly English while the older, sticking to their roots speak mainly Spanish. This has created a language barrier for many families due to a lack of acculturation in the older and excess of assimilation in the younger. This has caused the younger generation to know less of their family (Grandparents). This new generation has spread apart also because it has adopted the fast paced on the go culture of American life. The new age has accustomed themselves to eating fast-food so they can maintain their on the go lifestyles. With this adoption the family is rarely able to perform their celebration of food and unity. In the older lifestyle of Latinos, meals are always eaten together. Another aspect that has contributed to the parting of the generations is discipline. The older generation is associated with strict rules and respect for elders. The new generation has been affected by TV, movies, magazines, and through other types of media. They have seen how the American society permits them to act which is typically much less strict than traditional standards. An example is an eigh

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