Good Daughter

             Most parents desire their children grow up in best society environment and they should become successful in society. That really is the parents concern but sometimes that interfere in their children privacy. Almost Asian parental do not give their children independent at all and the children could not decide the life themselves. How many time have you argue to your parents when they interfere to your privacy ? This rush to develop the relationship between the parents and their children in two difference cultures. In Hwang’s point is any immigrant have struggle between two culture. It ‘s not happen in Hwang family only. It almost happen in other immigrant who live in The United States.
             In Caroline Hwang essay :’’THE GOOD DAUGHTER” (15) she wrote about struggle between two generation. First generation is her parents and second one is herself. She and her parents have some conflict thought. First ,She went to school for PH.D in English literature but her parents want her go to law school. Second, her parents just expect her to marry someone Korean and give them grandchildren who look like Korean. Third , Hwang expressed her own feeling regarding :’’ They do not see that I struggle two cultures or that I feel displaced in the country I know. I identify with Americans , but Americans do not identify with me. I’ve never know what it’s like to belong to a community-neither one at large, nor of an extended family’’ (16). The parents are leader of family but they are not always right. They raised in a country without the freedom or they did not know how freedom is .Their children raising in American that why they want independent earlier and they want decide the life themselves. Hwang essay contrast that point in her own story.
             Like other immigrant, Korean immigrant insist their children excel only in academic. They consider the most acclaim...

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