Uses of organic compounds

             There’s a big problem in my neighborhood and that’s population, to many people in a little town. There have been so many births and so many kids that schools are over crowded and they have to keep reasoning boundaries lines on where kids go to school.
             Another reason there are so many people is because of jobs. Everyone lives on the military base and because there are still people moving here because of the military they have to buy houses outside the base crowding the small towns around the base.
             I remember when there used to be 20 acres behind my house now there’s only a whole 2 acres. This is all because they keep building more and more houses and communities allowing more people to move here without building extra schools and other things which just makes there overcrowding situation worse. There are so many people here now it takes you 5 min just to pull off your street into the main street.
             There are so many attractions in Maryland, we have all the government here, and we have ocean city and other attractions. This brings tourist over summers and they love it so much that they stay and crowd up the area even more. We also have good schools such as university of Maryland and AACC which is the 2nd best community college in the states. This draws students from all over the world which means more people which means a bigger increase in population.
             This may not seem to be such a big problem as terrorist or war. But it is a big problem in our many small towns across our nation. My town alone has to of grown to over 10,000 people and that’s only in 15 years and that’s probably a small number of a big number. This problem can also bring diseases and such.

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