My Favorite Room in the House

             My Favorite Room My Den is a great place to hang out, play some pool, or just get away from the stress of every day life. My Den offers superior sound and entertainment. It has no stress related items such as a telephone, computer, desk, and no pagers are allowed. This room represents fun and relaxation for all that enter the room.
             My entertainment center is wood grain, with a big screen TV inside. The entertainment center also has surround sound and multi-function remote. The picture within picture offers dual sport viewing, to bring live sports action to the room. Or if you prefer music the satellite offers 30 music channels. You can listen and enjoy any kind of music. For half-time entertainment, guest can enjoy an antique carved wood clawed foot professional size pool table, which was bought from the old Macon Hotel. Billiard action is well lit by the hand cut glass Billiard lamp hanging from the open wood beam ceiling. Lazy Boys, abound sitting on top of genuine hand pegged oak floors. Guest never leave hungry or thirsty, the refrigerator is well stocked with cold beverages and hardy sandwich fixings.
             If you do not like to play pool, we also have a Xbox and dartboards also if you do not want to play pool. Playing pool though is the main attraction for most people. All of my friends and my brother’s friends think it is wonderful. They can come over instead of going out and do everything they want to do.
             My Den is a great place to hang out, play some pool, darts, Xbox, or just gets away from the stress of every day life. It also a good place to hang out with your friends and goof off. My den has everything you could want to play or do. It is almost impossible not to have a good time when you are in my den.

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