Neo Symbolizes Jesus In The Movie The Matrix

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Throughout the movie The Matrix, there are many comparisons that can be made between the character of Neo and Jesus Christ. First off is the overlying story of this movie. The story begins that when the Matrix was first constructed there was a man born inside who was able to control and change whatever he wanted. This man set many free from the Matrix and taught the truth to those whom he freed. After his death, it was prophesized than he would have a second coming and on his return would destroy evil and set the human race free, sound familiar? According to the Bible, Jesus was born on Earth and taught truth and light to his followers, much as this man had taught the truth of the Matrix to his followers. The Bible also goes on to say that after Jesus died, he rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven and remains there until his second coming. During the second coming of Jesus, he will defeat evil forever and set all those which believe in him free and give them everlasting life. It is my hope, that I can demonstrate with many examples that the directors and writers of this film intended Neo to symbolize Jesus Christ. In the beginning of the movie, we find Neo asleep at his computer desk at home. A few seconds after the s Continue...

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In conclusion, it is very apparent that the directors intended Neo to symbolize Jesus in this movie and it is my hopes that after viewing and analyzing the non-verbal clues, the character names and the symbolic gestures contained in this movie you will view Neo as the directors hoped for, a representation of Jesus. While there any many verbal references in the movie which compare Neo to Jesus, there are far more symbolic gestures in the movie that compel viewers to believe that Neo is Jesus. Like Jesus of Nazareth, Neo was born without the aid of a natural birthing process. Some of these names include: Neo, The name "Neo" is an anagram, meaning the letters can be rearranged to make different words. 72 seconds 72 hours, which is 3 days. This retrieval symbolizes two important instances in the life of Jesus: One, since being baptized symbolizes to the world that one has expressed a belief in hisher religion and accepts his religion as the one true truth in the world. He then ascended into Heaven after giving his disciples the message to spread his word to others across the world. In other words, "They're killing Jesus". Jesus, similarity, was born unnaturally to his virgin mother, Mary. These three white lights stand out in the surrounding darkness and seem to form the outline of a star. In connection with the previous idea, during the final fight scene between Agent Smith and Neo, Trinity says out loud: "Jesus - they're killing him," as either a prayer or use of the Lord's name in vain - but it has double meaning for the allegory.


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