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Lightning is one of the worlds most beautiful phenomenon’s. Lightning is produced when the friction in the cloud starts to charge parts of the cloud (top ® proton, bottom ® negative). As the clod approaches earth objects on the surface become negatively charged. Since negative and positive charges attract, the negative charge moves towards the ground just as the positive charge from the ground moves up to meet it. Objects on the ground reach out to the cloud by a positive “streamer.” From this meeting an electrical discharge happens several times, this produces lightning and thunder. This discharge is natures way of trying to neutralize the charge separation. The most normal time for it to happen is when the earth’s surface becomes warmed. There are many different types of lightning each with its own special look. Here are just a few of God’s wonders: Ball lightning This type of lightning is very unusual. It is not very often caught in a picture or should I say never, that is how rare this mysterious type of lightning is. It appears duri Continue...

The thunder clouds that heat lightning is in is more then 10 miles away. Evan today, ball lightning remains a mystery . If in a do not touch any part of the metal from. It discharges within a cloud or it is behind nearby clouds. I have learned alot about lightning and the wonder of how it works. Surge protectors can be installed on the Ac line voltage to the PC or on Telephone lines connected to Modems. Lightning has caused several hundred million dollars in damage to homes, businesses, churches, barns and forests. This lightning can illuminate entire clouds and make them visible many miles away. Observers who farther away who are privileged enough to see this beautiful show of electricity may report seeing heat lightning. There has been forest fires caused by lightning because it hit a tree and no one was there to put out the fire quick enough. The only real source of information on this wonder is from eye witnesses. It could last for a long time or it could come and go and you wouldn't know the difference. ng thunderstorms and is described as being a floating, illuminated sphere. To prevent lightning damage installing surge protectors can minimize the damage cause by lightning.