Titanic was the dream ship no one thought could be destroyed. Like society today, these passengers were enjoying life and thought nothing could happen to them. White Starline’s Titanic was called “the ship of dreams”, or at least that was what everyone knew it to be. The day was April 12, 1912, as they loaded up, many passengers of different classes and sectors of society thought this was their ticket to new lives. The ship slowly pulled away from the dock while the 2,200 passengers aboard Titanic waved farewell.1
             Rich and poor, famous and obscure, “Titanic was a symbol of structured society.”2 First class was very high class. Aboard Titanic’s first class were the famous John Jacob Astor, Molly Brown, the countess of Roths and many other wealthy families. Second class was high class but pretty average. However, third class was nothing to talk about. The families in third class were not well off. Although some were jealous of first class, many were thankful for what they had.3
             Titanic was one of the largest man made ships of that time. Everything was set to perfection. Titanic was thought to be a safe ship. Ismay, the ship’s designer, designed water tight doors that would make Titanic unsinkable. At that time men thought they could rule the ocean. Little did they know Titanic and the people of that time were going to have a wake up call. “Man was going to realize he could not rule neither the universe nor the ocean.”4
             It was a clear and cold night. The temperature that night was slowly dropping. In the first and second class many cards were being delt in the bar rooms, while many other passengers were provided with dances and music accompanied by the Titanic’s band. The third class passengers were having fun enjoying dances and Irish music provided by themselves. Titanic’s wireless room was receiving many iceberg warnings that day, but even more came that night. At one point Officer ...

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