The Monkey Trial

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The Monkey Trial A famous quote “Great minds think alike”. In the small town of Hillsboro there wasn’t much to think about that is, the bible was the main source of the citizens. There were laws to think otherwise, such as the right to have your own opinion on how the world came to be. To these people in the small town of Hillsboro the law was murder for any man or woman to speak the word of heresy about evolution. There was such a man that stood up to the law. His name was, Bertram Cates. The stage was set, the courthouse was packed, and the prosecution and the defense attorney were all seated in the sweltering courtroom. The defense was Hennery Drummond and the prosecution was Mathew Brady. At stake was the independence and capability to form your own ideas for every American. The defendant was a schoolteacher that th Continue...

This meant that he would not allow people to voice there own opinions to the court because that was not what the trial was about. ought one day he would teach his class about the theory of evolution; not knowing how drastic the town of Hillsboro would react. The whole point of the trial was not to change the faith of the jury and the spectators but to state that we did evolve from another species. The man was Bertram Cates and he was fighting a battle that no man had ever fought before. In the long run the law lost because in the end America was able to form their own opinions and were capable of having their own ideas. Drummond had all these witnesses to approach the bench to testify to the trial and to give his or her opinion on evolution, but the judge did not allow their voices to be heard. And the people of Hillsboro had the whole city against Cates calling him a murder and a heretic and making the whole town against him. The law was holding back great minds to form an idea on the theory of Darwin and other theories of the creation of the world. He had his own view on life, not saying that God didn't have any thing to do with it.