Morality vs. Religion

             There are many ways one can classify the word morality. Morality can be what a persons inherent rules of right and wrong that where not given to them by anyone or anything, they are inherent morals that each person is given. Another way a person can look at morality is the obvious religious implications that morals come from religion and religion only, which what God says to be right and wrong are right and wrong because God is all wise and knows the morals that we should follow to be happy. Another way that morality is described is not in the terms of religious contexts, nor is it the inherent good that every person is born with, it is the rules of right and wrong that each individual person has adapted for themselves as to what they think right and wrong truly are. There are many things that can shape a person to what they decide are moral guidelines to be followed and why they think these morals are truly important to them.
             Most people would most likely assume that the second topic is the one that most people would choose to defend because of its simple nature and widespread use by most people who have a strong religious belief. The thought of someone‚Äôs religious beliefs affecting their moral code is something a lot of people do to hide the truth of how they really got their individual moral law. Though they may not know it that person is following what most do and blindly accept the moral law that religion or God has bestowed upon them. Not to say there is anything bad with Religious morals because the bulk of people who follow it never have to question if what they believe is actually right or wrong, they just believe it, this can actually be a good thing for some people, as they say; ignorance is bliss.
             The bad part of using religion to establish moral truths is the confusion that can come with it. The first big confusion is in the foundations for each moral belief. If a person ever questions whether or not he should bel

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