Industrial Revolution Writing Assignment

             An industrial worker would work for 6 to 8 hours or more. They had poor working conditions, and were often overworked. For the workers to adjust to their routine the factory management would punish or fine workers for every mistake they made. Working conditions were unsanitary and dangerous toward the health. For example, the cotton mills with the depressing heat, or the coalmines with the air pollution, cave-ins, and labor of carrying heavy loads of coal. Which caused many workers to become physically deformed. Industrial workers worker very hard and were underpaid. Now farmers, make their money from the produce they grew on the field they toiled on. They worked vigorously at harvest time, but were used to periods of rest, unlike factory workers. Since farmers grew everything they needed, money was not an issue, or even oftener used. Unlike industrial workers who tried to make the most money possible, and who had to live off the money they made.
             New social distinction was needed because of difference in payment from jobs, money owned, and life-style. For instance, because of the of the amount of money the working-class made, the quality of housing, clothing, food, and other material items be a great deal different than with the factory owners. Thus many farmers became members of the working class because of the little money they made and heavy work they carried out. And so the new class of factory-owners was called bourgeois. Now, money was not the only reason that they need of social structure, the job itself would require it. A farmer, for instance, would produce his own living, and so would have no use for much money. And would most likely stay a farmer with no way of becoming a factory owner because of the great deal of money that would be needed to just start one. While a factory owner/industrial worker, who lived in the city, would need and make more money, and have more job opportunities to go upon. The bourgeoisie were als...

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