Christopher Bruse -ROOSTER

             Describe the choreographic style of Christopher Bruce, and explain how it is reflected in Rooster.
             Christopher Bruce began his career as an impressive dancer, but as a choreographer he is nothing less that passionate and humane. He enjoys making people feel something and people come to theatres to see just that and his ability to fuse contemporary technique with an important relationship to ballet. Being greatly inspired by humanity, Bruce deliberately incorporates issues in society into his pieces and as a part of his choreographic style, through use of historical references and reflection, which are placed into a context that would interest and involve a current audience.
             He recognizes that ballet is an important part of dance, but tries to break down the barriers between contemporary and ballet in his choreography. His motto is that 99% is technique and 1% is inspiration and with this ideal he begins to choreograph his pieces. Versatility is very important for his dancers to have in achieving the best results to suite his choreography.
             In his early works there was a deliberate decision to avoid expression and music was not added till after he had completed the choreography. Unlike these pieces which are socially and politically bound, Rooster was choreographed and approached in a different way in order to communicate his inspiration and the issues that would develop from this in his choreography. Although the style of movements in relation to his other works would remain contemporary and uniquely Bruce, Rooster was created in a slightly different way, and he began choreography after being inspired by the music of the ‘Rolling Stones’, the period of the sixties of which he was apart and the whole nostalgia of that era. Although his approach was different for Rooster it still portrays heavily the elements which Bruce’s choreography holds signature to. It incorporates his use of issues in context to society, symbolism...

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