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High School Don't Prepare You For College

High schools aren't properly preparing students for the "college experience." If you analyze students entering college they are lacking the skills necessary to be successful. Skills such as studying, memorization, and test taking abilities are not being properly taught to the students. The primary purpose of a high school is to get pupils into college. The courses taught in high schools are too lenient in their grading policies and offer students much leeway. An example of this leniance is that of late acceptance of papers from teachers. Of course late papers are marked down, but this policy voids the purpose of having deadlines. At the high school I attended, I turned in papers a week late and still received a grade of at least seventy percent. This is coming back to hunt me now because I don't respect deadlines. Although I do not like to admit it, if high school had been stricter, this would not be a current problem in my college career. Most universities, both public and private, set strict guidelines on these matters and openly encourage their professors to do the same. Most public high school teachers are astoundingly underpaid and overworked. They endure class sizes of over forty students in a single classroom. As a result of teacher's stress they have less one on one interaction. The lack of individual and private interaction between professors results in students who end up paying the price of an inadequate and inefficient public high school education. From recent studies governmental cutbacks have forced many schools to close vital advanced placement and other college preparatory courses that are vital to aspiring students for a college education. Without these types of classes in high school, it is asking for failure in the students’ collegiate career. High school courses lack encouraging class discussions that are an important aspect of the college classroom, that is, as far as I have experienced. "Getti...

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