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Throughout human history, religion has provided humankind with answers to fundamental questions about the nature of the universe. It has provided explanations of the “ultimate concern” of humanity, “humankind,” the “history” of humanity, “ethics,” and humanity’s “predicament.” It has provided these answers through intuition rather than through reason. Although attempts have been made to justify religion logically, it remains a matter of faith as none of the answers that it has provided can be proved through a series of logicol arguments. Still, religion holds tremendous influence over our interpretation of reality. -religions can be grouped by the answers that they provide into 3 categories -African primal, traditional Native American; Hi Continue...

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nduism, Theravada Bhudism; C Polytheism -concerned with nature, fertility of the Earth, and the natural order primal African religion serves as an example in that the culture resolves around farming all agricultural people Native american love of the land, corn -with respect to humankind there is no separation of soul and body African belief in multiple parts of people Hopi view people as "complete entities -view human and natural history as a cycle of reacurring events each year they plant, raise and harvest corn yams staple crop -Ethical concerns consist of folk morality and a concern for fulfilment of duty both African and Native American societies stress the obligations of individuals to the group or tribe -the predicament of humanity is a harsh enviornment that we need to survive nature can be unpradictable and crops can fail both religions stress continuity Human society must pass from g-g African concern for "full life and ancestor spirits Monism -characterised by a concern beyond the natural order While certain Hindu Gods have certain realms as in p, all of creation in "Brahman or the spiritual essence of the universe something more fundamental the teaching of Bhuda is that who made the world does not matter -with repect to the nature of humans, the soul can be seperated from the body through enlightenment -history is cyclical in that after each life we are reborn until we achieve e become satiated with pleasure or suffer -ethical code ultimately obligates a person to himself self, community, enlightenment connections to others hinder us -Monist believes the predicament of humanity to be one of an ignorance of the way of the universe that must be solved through illumination. We should also observe certain laws like the 10 and help others to obtain salvation -predicament is one of alienation from God because of inherent sin since the fall, need to be saved through reconciliation with God that comes from faith in Christ will make us "pure and fit for heaven by removing our sins. Only that way to illumination many paths, 8 fold way Monotheism -Ultimate reality is one with a personal God, this world, and the next Holy Trinity, this world, Heaven or Hell -Humans are viewed as "dynamic units bodies will rot by souls will live eternally with the characteristics of the bodies and become reincarnate for a time before the last judgement -view history as linear While God always exists, He created the world, the world will end lives also linear linear with eternitites on either end -under Christian ethics, we are obligated to both self and others religion is a matter of personalfaith in Christ.


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