Death Penalty

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Death penalty paper Try to imagine that you have just been sentenced, and the verdict was guilty and the sentence was capital punishment. What the courts did not now was that you where wrongly convicted of the crime and where really innocent. After months of trying to appeal the case, on the grounds that you are innocent, but your death sentence gets carried out, months latter it was discovered that you where wrongly convinced of a capital crime. Think this could never happen; think again, 23 innocent people have been mistakenly excited this century alone. Also each year, approximately 4.5 people who have been convinced of capital crimes have been found to be actually innocent. If these are not enough reasons against the death penalty how about being inhuman, making murders into heroes, curl and usual punishment, applied unfairly to minorities, and the high cost, just to name a few. Innocent people can and have been executed, not only adults but children as well. Over sixty-nine people have been released since 1972 as a result of being wrongly convicted. Also each year around 4.5 people have been wrongly convicted of capital crimes. According to a 1987 study, 23 people who were innocent of the crimes, which they wer Continue...

Capital punishment is applied unfairly and racist to people of different gender, race, and age. In the case of Grey Gilmore, who was sent to death for murder, became a hero because he wrote a book in prison and he was innocent and made thousands of dollars. After all is said and done, the average coast of just one public execution is around a couple of million dollars (Long 8). Around 40 of death row inmates are black, but only 8 of the population are black. The death penalty is the easy way out, with lethal injections, because you do not have to face the families of the victims, or live the rest of your life thinking about it. This in part because men are more aggregative, they like to fight and they seek revenge, women are more quit and like to talk about things. This was unconditional because of judicial delay, which means they kept on delaying his death. But for those nine year just when they were about to flip the switch the warden would stop it, and Carl would go back to his cell. Murders can become heroes for committing crime, and because of the publicity for a capital murder case. Adults are the only people executed by the death penalty, since 1973 160 children have executed by capital punishment. Some people, who are in support of the death penalty, say that it is cheaper to just execute a criminal that life in prison. Capital punishment is a very curl and inhuman way to kill a criminal. Chessman was on death row for nine years, and about every two to three times a month he would be told he was going to be executed.