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On the first day when reporting to work for a new job at a printing company, I saw her. Sitting in a corner of a large room full of paper stacks, printers and all of printing stuff, she looked quiet, calm, and a little lonely from my first look. "Yes, I' m feeling a bit of loneliness here. Perhaps, I'm the only one female here among other males in this job type." Later she said. "Elizabeth Taylor is my name." She answered when I asked. "I don't know exactly. But I know that the famous actress Liz Taylor has been my mother's idol since she was young." She smiled mildly. It seemed she didn't accept her mother's idea in assuming her daughter someday would be beautiful and talented like the famous actress. But really what it is. Taylor, my co-worker, has large beautiful eyes, clear and aqua-colored, which remind me of the image of a serene sea in summer looking from a hill in my country out of my past days. Her eyes, at last, look somewhat like those of the actress people admire. Of cou Continue...

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From that time on, I often heard the sounds of her laughter while she was talking on the phone. Her voice faded out along with an image of a lonely Taylor!. And right at the time I'm writing down these words, I still visualize her faintly humming a song from Nina Simone, her favorite jazz vocalist. She didn"tmt know that my wife is a Snake, too!Sometimes I caught sorrow on her face and I was afraid to ask her then. She continued "Because he will go back to his country and live there forever to take care of his family. Obviously, she had much knowledge about graphics and publishing. One day she confessed to me about her age. "I've just had hands-on practice and read books. However, I have known something lately. " I knew exactly her feelings then because I have experienced a situation like that before. " She surprised me when she confided that secret to me whereas I had to learn some graphics software before getting this job.


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