Death Penalty

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Statistics say that it costs over 100,000 dollars a year to keep a prisoner in jail. This money comes out of every tax payers paycheck. Why would we pay money out of our own pockets to keep murders alive. They get a roof over their head, food to eat, television to watch, exercise rooms to exercise in as punishment for taking some ones life. What these people have in prison is in some cases better then what they had before. Some followers of the death penalty believe that if someone takes another life intentionally they don’t deserve to live an Continue...

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d have all of those luxuries that they have in prison. I believe that the death penalty is just an easy way out for a murderer. Another reason why people believe in the death penalty as stated in America Now is because they have so much "anger, grief, rage, fear inside that they would just rather see that person be put to death. Putting a person to death for committing a murder is not the right thing to do. A murderer might have brought a lot of pain to the victim. A painless death for the murderer is definitely not the way out. The prisoners should not be allowed to do anything. These people deserve to be stuck in a cell for the rest of their lives without any privileges. I personally disagree with the death penalty. The death penalty also puts fear in murderers eyes. He also put much pain to the victims family and friends. The fear of being caught and put to death might prevent people from killing. It is understandable that nothing will come of this but the victims families might have a better feeling inside. Two wrongs definitely do not make a right.