Beowulf charecterization

             1. In a peaceful Kingdome by the name of the Danish Kingdome, something stirs and it is not nice. That thing is Grendal and he is one bad monster, people say that he is a descendant from Cain and the symbol for evil; Cain was the first person to ever murder his own brother which automatically made Grendal against god. To start the story off in the right direction Grendal starts in his underground cave asleep Grendal is awaken by Danish warriors singing drunk like. Since Grendal is the epitome of evil he gets enraged at all, the joyous singing woke up, rushed towards the castle burst open the doors, and mutilated about thirty of the king’s knights. He then fled back to his foggy layer where he went back to his peaceful yet eerie sleep.
             2. Although Grendal is the most evil thing out there, there are much more devious kind of monster out there. In this story Grendals mother is the culprit and flaunts it. Her reputation is one you would not want her to show you. She is one big monster, ugly, and viscous. She is known to kill anyone and any thing that so much as touches the water in the lake even the animal’s wont drink out of the water they would rather die. Who would blame them grendals mother would kill them six times before they would hit the ground.
             3. Beowulf goes back home after the defeat of both monster and vows the king that he will go back if trouble returns. A few years pass and Beowulf is back in his own kingdom and is the king, due to the loss of his old king higlac. Someone has stolen a golden relic from a nearby cave where a humongous fire-breathing dragon lived. The dragon was so outraged that it started so many fires that it looked like the whole Kingdome was the devils layer. By this time Beowulf had, had enough and set course towards the dragons home and take revenge. Beowulf was not what he used to be back when he fought the grendals he is a lot weaker and has aged alot. When Beowulf conf...

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