Taekwondo Black Belt essay

             During the Koryo dynasty, Taekwondo was best known as a fitness and recreational system... But it soon changed to a military fighting art. In 1909, Japan invaded Korea and outlawed the practice of Taekwondo. This left people no option but to study in secret under famous masters. In 1945, Japan freed Korea and Taekwondo flourished. Taekowndo is still expanding greatly throughout the world by being given the honor of being a full medal sport at the recent 2000 Olympic games.
             The tenants of Taekwondo are very important to me. I believe that they each contain specific meanings and lessons that will help make life flow more smoothly. I’ve encountered some rough times since I joined Taekwondo five years ago. The tenants have helped me through those rough times. The one tenant that I can relate to the most is “Perseverance”. For example; If I happen to fall a bit behind at school, I think back to my Taekowndo training and realize that if I put my mind to it, I can succeed.
             The most important person to me during my Taekwondo training has been my instructor, Sha bam nim Carpenter. She’s provided support and encouragement for me to try my hardest at all times. (even if I’m exhausted). She makes the class fun by always changing exercises so that they don’t get boring.
             I’ve benefitted from Taekwondo in many ways. I’ve gained flexibility, speed, strength, and most of all, indurance. My training has taught me that nobody is perfect at anything, whether it be a swirl hook kick, or just a round kick. I’ve also learned to always look for ways to improve things. No matter how good you are at something, you can always find a way to become better. Bravery was also something that I developed. You have to learn to conquer your fears. I remember when I was testing for my green belt, I had to break my first board. I didn’t know what to expect, so doubts arose in my mind; would it hurt? what if I hit the holder’s

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