Travels with Charlie Summary

             Travels With Charley written by John Steinbeck has been critiqued a lot by readers. Many of those who have read the book and have written reviews on it have found a lot of the same things in the book that make it stand out. Paul McCarthy said in his review, “this book isn’t intended to be scientific, poetic, or speculative, and isn’t a collaboration. It’s quite simply a relaxed, episodic account of one man’s travels with his native land.” This thought was very true, and the other authors of the review books felt the same way. One of the main examples on how the reviewers thought alike came about when they said Steinbeck wrote the book in an honest way. He didn’t “sugar coat” anything. The things that he saw along the way of his journey were told to us, the readers, just as he saw them, and he told us his exact opinions on what he encountered too. For an example Steinbeck said, “I saw the best of minds of my generation destroyed by madness.” He also turned around and talked about New England saying, “The prettiest in the whole nation, neat and white painted, and unchanged for a hundred years.” These particular quotes are very dominating when speaking of terms of expression.
             Not all the readers of the book think alike, obviously. There is always going to be pros and cons to almost anything. Warren French for an example thought that the book ended abruptly, without any sort of a conclusion. This wasn’t surprising for him though, because he said that Steinbeck has done it before with his books, such as The Sea of Cortez. Steinbeck seems to have been just as anxious in ending his book as he was to complete his trip.
             Others, on the other hand, admired Steinbeck, for his tentative conclusions along the way. Some reviewers thought that he concluded it where he should have. The reason being so, is that he took the reader along with him on his trip, and when it ende

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