Gift of Life

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Gift of Life The purpose of this paper will be to evaluate the benefits of organ donation and the steps to obtain one. Organ donation is a very controversial topic with various questions involved and the proceedings to acquire an organ. While there are people that believe that organ donation is unethical and should not be supported, it will be discussed and proved how imperative it is in today’s culture for organ donation to be available for all. Possibly, if our nation was more aware of this growing issue, there would not be so many concerns regarding this topic, however the people willing to give the amount that is needed isn’t near enough. Within the ever changing medical field it is imperative that something should be done about the shortage of donations as it is becoming ever more vital for people to obtain a transplant. Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA), was established in 1968, in all of the fifty states. This act provided that at the time of a persons’ death their kidney, liver, or other organ(s) could be used to benefit a life. Due to this act there have been numerous people benefiting from living a longer, fuller life because of the gift of an organ. After being accepted to receive an organ transpl Continue...

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Furthermore, there is the religious aspect in donating organs. There are many people who have succumbed to buy an extended life, the waiting transplant is amazingly long, and the shortage is great. Three-year patient success rates are estimated at 95 percent for kidney transplants, 92 percent for pancreas, 91 percent for heart transplants, 90 percent for liver transplants, 81 percent for heart-lung transplants, and 76 percent for lung transplants. In conclusion, while there may be arguments with indifference to organ donation they are weak and questionable. (Thompson) The need for organs to help people carry out their lives is prevalent today, with the numbers persistently rising. They are a non-profit organization and become involved when a patient has been proclaimed as being brain dead thus becoming a potential candidate. Considering these factors, it leaves little choice to wait and expire or to go and spend money to increase your life expectancy. They will live a longer, fuller life all because of your judgment. (Life Center Northwest) With a simple form and a signature on the back of your license you may think you can help save a life when you pass away. There is nothing more important than to give the gift of life, something that is so simple to sign the back of your driver's license and inform your family of you decision. Assuming they meet the requirements to give, although there are risks on both sides, clearly benefits more than to let the recipient suffer. Half of the people listed for an organ transplant will not receive one due to the shortage of donated organs. The waiting list for organs is rather astounding. " (Kulger 64) This happened after a scandal at UCLA due to the illegal sales of human organs, which is supposed to be used for medical research.


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