Gift of Life

             The purpose of this paper will be to evaluate the benefits of organ donation and the steps to obtain one. Organ donation is a very controversial topic with various questions involved and the proceedings to acquire an organ. While there are people that believe that organ donation is unethical and should not be supported, it will be discussed and proved how imperative it is in today’s culture for organ donation to be available for all. Possibly, if our nation was more aware of this growing issue, there would not be so many concerns regarding this topic, however the people willing to give the amount that is needed isn’t near enough. Within the ever changing medical field it is imperative that something should be done about the shortage of donations as it is becoming ever more vital for people to obtain a transplant.
             Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA), was established in 1968, in all of the fifty states. This act provided that at the time of a persons’ death their kidney, liver, or other organ(s) could be used to benefit a life. Due to this act there have been numerous people benefiting from living a longer, fuller life because of the gift of an organ. After being accepted to receive an organ transplant, the person is registered with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS Organ Center) after which a system of computers links all organ procurement organizations, also called OPOS. They are a non-profit organization and become involved when a patient has been proclaimed as being brain dead thus becoming a potential candidate. The Organ Center matches, and transports the shared organs throughout the United States. The computer system automatically will produce a list of potential recipients positioned according the individuals criteria, such as the patients blood type, medical urgency, the particular organ needed etc. Subsequent to this step the coordinator of the program informs the surgeon of the top-ranking candidate f...

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