Who inspired you

             People today excel in just about every thing, but when you ask them how they got here they will probably tell a persons name. Well I am here today to tell you that these people are the people that got you going, I have multiple people that inspire me to do all the activates that I am involved in.
             One of them is my grandmother. My grandmother is always there and when I need advise there she is. One thing she always tells me is to be nice to others. Now most of the time I am, but like most people I have my limits. Another thing is she is always pressuring me to do good in school. She is the reason that I am in band and athletics, every time I want to quit she says I can’t because I have to get a scholarship to the University of Texas. The last thing she says will keep me out of trouble is not to loose my temper when I get really mad and so far I am doing good. But like I said before I play football and since that is a contact sport people seem to loose it some times and take it out on others and I am not going to lie I have had my share of tempers.
             Another inspirer is my grandfather. He is also there when I need him. If you have not figured out yet, my grandparents are my guardians. My grandfather is always telling to do everything to the best of my ability. So I always try to do just that. He tells me that in order to get better I must to everything at a hundred and ten percent. One thing he says is simple but important is always get back up, he said that a true man gets back up when he falls. The other thing that goes with this is to be tough. As he said about getting up the being tough kind of goes with that and by that I mean if your tough you won’t fall down. My grand father always says something when I say I am hurt, like if you lifted weight like you are suppose to do then you wouldn’t be hurt.
             The third and final inspirers are my coaches, they teach you so many things that it is funny. So far they all have told m...

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