My Ideal Partner

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My Ideal Partner As a woman of the 21st Century, the ideal partner would be one of authority, prosperity and exceptional appearance. Despite the fact that technology and science have made much positive advancement, through cosmetic alterations and amplified finances, the advancement of a woman’s desire to be provided for, protected, cherished, honored and loved has remained the same for thousands of years. Some women have prerequisite ideas of the quantities that their partner would possess, some such as friendliness, intelligent, easy-going and financial stability. However, these characteristics do not formulate the ideal partner for all women. The realism of finding the specific superlative partner for Continue...

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The perfect companion that would be for myself would be a man of sincerity, integrity, compassion, and commitment. A man that I know is going to be there for me through all the complexities that life puts forward, pleasant and not so pleasant no matter what the consequences. The quality of integrity is one that I hold very high on my standards for a man. The qualities that intrigue me are not of material or superficial possessions, but internal contentment and confidence. each individual in today"tms society is inadequate. Having a man whom you can count on wholeheartedly by his word is irreplaceable. The desire that I have to trust my partner is one of overwhelming emotions. The reasoning that I firmly believe this is because I"tmve found my ideal partner in my husband. The complete internal connection between man and woman through complementing characteristics. A man can be compassionate towards his friends or family. Compassion is a not so rare a quality to find, however, the quality of everlasting compassion for your partner is extraordinary. Having a partner that is honest and genuine in communication is very appealing to all women. Women have consistently been recognized for their desire and style of communication, for the means of expressing emotions, frustrations, and information exchange. The definition of sincere is to be free from pretence in behavior or feelings, to be genuine and honest.


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