Death Penalty

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The death penalty or as it is formally called capital punishment should be totally abolished for many reasons. First and foremost no one should have the right to take anyone else’s life, neither individually nor as a society representative, has the right to take another man’s life, even apart from the seriousness of his guilt. Killing is a sin under God. “Thou shall not kill” i Continue...

After the entire debate my views began to change. One is the possibility of killing someone that is innocent. The possibility of killing an innocent is reason enough on its own to abolish the death penalty. For all of the above reasons such as if the possibility of killing someone that is innocent. Before the many discussions about the death penalty in our class my opinion on the death penalty was that it was what the criminal deserved. Although not everyone in this country is Christian our constitution was founded on the principle that we are one country under God. The other concern is that the death penalty is discriminating. Mostly criminals of weak social classes or marginal groups are sentenced to death; members of ethnic minorities, little educated people whose familiar life is adrift, poor opponents. These issues which have been argued there are two important concerns that should be considered regarding the death penalty. Our aim as a country is to create a fairer safer world where crime is not acceptable then we have to begin by honoring life itself.