Perfect Girl

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The Perfect Girl There are many different ways to describe the perfect girl. One individual might describe her as one who has the bare necessities like four limbs and a head. Another male might describe her as having a multimillion dollar job with a house by the lake. However you may describe her, the perfect girl is yours and yours only. She is the girl that makes you smile each morning when you wake up and smile at night when you lay down your head. This girl is the one that you see in your dreams at night and hope that one day this dream will come true. These are the definitions of a perfect girl that are not included in any dictionary you might read. Even if a book was written that was thought to have covered all aspects of the perfect girl it would probably only begin to scratch the surface of the real perfect girl. Every perfect girl that is described will always be different in some way or another. Here is my definition of what a perfect girl is. “Having no defect or fault”. This is the definition of perfect as found Continue...

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Finding the perfect girl is like winning the lottery, there are a lot of players, but only a few winners. The only way to find the perfect girl is to make her perfect in your heart and your mind. In all reality she is impossible to describe because she is different to everyone. This is not something that just happens overnight though. Many girls think that just because they are female that they can get what they want when they want it. This common theme in males across the country has over time spoiled the female population. This is a topic that might be discussed at a later time and a later date. Beauty is not everything when it comes to finding the perfect girl. A man will never be able to find the perfect girl just walking down the street. She might be a short, heavyset, dark haired woman working a gas pump at the station down the road. You could search from now until the day you die and never find a girl that is without defect or fault. The girl that fits in the perfect category is the one who does not even realize that she is beautiful. This gives her all the opportunity in the world to use her beauty as a way to get what she wants out of life.


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