Compare and Contrast the Writing Style of Two Stories

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The two stories, “Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway and “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien, have two different writing styles that impact the reader in different ways. The main focus of this essay is to compare and contrast the writing styles of the two stories. Ernest Hemingway’s “Soldier’s Home” is about a man in conflict with the past and present events in his life. A young man, known as Harold Krebs, struggles to find a balance in the beliefs of his past and present. The images of war shattered many of his past beliefs, so he struggles to find his current beliefs. Krebs’s parents, like most parents, raised their son with beliefs very close to their own. “Krebs went to the war from a Methodist college in Kansas” (152) and was previously taught not to cheat, lie, steal, or kill, and was also taught the "Power" of prayer. Krebs was a Marine and was sent over to fight in the First World War. During the war, Krebs put aside most of his beliefs and did as he pleased. Due to the nature of war, he was forced to kill the enemy troops or be killed himself. He watched most of his fellow servicemen die on the battlefield. After the war, Krebs tried to bury the emotional pain he Continue...

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Though he was not a soldier himself, he probably heard many stories from the victims of the war "as an ambulance driver in World War I" (152). 2Ernest Hemingway was trying to convey his own self image when he wrote about "Krebs" in his short story, "A Soldier's Home". This young mans life was being blown away, and O"tmBrien saw sunlight around him, he saw the moss and vines and white blossoms in the tree. Curt"tms sister never wrote Rat back. Both authors tell a war story based on self experience and through the soldiers that were actually in the war. The two authors of these two stories have similar writing styles. In his story, many things about the war that one would not normally see as beautiful, but O"tmBrien perceives himself into believing the opposite. It killed Rat and he called her a dumb cooze. Throughout the story, different characters portray different aspects of Nam, and some stories are true and some are false. War has such a violent effect on one"tms sanity that O"tmBrien creates lies to be able to bear the pain of war. Krebs tries to find his lost faith in God, to tackle his inability to love, and to find his way back into a normal routine. felt through his relationships with various women. O'Brien told this story based on his experience during the Vietnam War and through the eyes of the soldiers, one is directly connected to the true atmosphere of the battlefield.


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